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Kory Edwards—Researcher/lecturer/teacher/motivator

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A testimony from Kathi—I had texted a sentence to you this morning. It's tough for me to say something in one sentence about someone who has been so inspirational for me. I came to you with hopes to achieve 2 goals. One was to lose at least body fat and the other was to believe in myself again. I truly believe that you were a blessing in disguise with all the knowledge you have about health and the mechanics of the body. You can efficiently translate all of it in such layman's terms that anyone could understand, no matter what frame of mind they entered your door for the first time. As much as I thought I knew, I didn't.

With your motivational words, you have really empowered me to be a stronger and healthier woman in both fitness and emotionally. You have boosted my confidence to be a better person and helped me tremendously on this path to reach a huge goal I have had for almost 25 years! I have lost 11% body fat since I started with you in February! Thank you for all your support during this journey and having such insight and confidence in me too.
From my family to your family—I'll give you the five moves you can make now to create a healthy life for you and your children.
  1. Add coconut oil into your diet everyday.
  2. Add probiotics into your diet everyday.
  3. Avoid GMO foods everyday.
  4. Attend my workshop for detailed information on how to do all of the above.